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Peer Reviewed

Public Health England’s draft report on shale gas extraction

British Medical Journal
17 Apr 2014
Adam Law, Jake Hays, Seth B. Shonkoff, Madelon L. Finkel
This editorial critique argues for an emphasis on actual practices rather than best practices in public health assessments.
Peer Reviewed

Environmental Public Health Dimensions of Shale and Tight Gas Development

Environmental Health Perspectives
16 Apr 2014
Seth B. Shonkoff, Jake Hays, and Madelon L. Finkel
Peer Reviewed

Toward a better understanding and quantification of methane emissions from shale gas development

14 Apr 2014
Dana R. Caulton, Paul B. Shepson, Renee L. Santoro, Jed P. Sparks, Robert W. Howarth, Anthony R. Ingraffea, Maria O. L. Cambaliza, Colm Sweeney, Anna Karion, Kenneth J. Davis, Brian H. Stirm, Stephen A. Montzka, Ben R. Miller
Open Access
Peer Reviewed

Oil and gas wells and their integrity: Implications for shale and unconventional resource exploitation

Marine and Petroleum Geology
Mar 2014
Richard J. Davies, Sam Almond, Robert S. Ward, Robert B. Jackson, Charlotte Adams, Fred Worrall, Liam G. Herringshaw, Jon G. Gluyas, Mark A. Whitehead
This reviews datasets from around the globe in order to provide an estimate of the number of producing, idle, abandoned and orphaned onshore hydrocarbon wells globally and to document the number of wells that are known to have had some form of well barrier and/or integrity failure.
Open Access
Peer Reviewed

Matrix Complications in the Determination of Radium Levels in Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Water from Marcellus Shale

Environmental Technology & Letters
Mar 2014
Andrew W. Nelson, Dustin May, Andrew W. Knight, Eric S. Eitrheim, Marinea Mehrho, Robert Shannon, Robert Litman, Michael K. Schultz
This study investigates the utility of common radium analysis methods using a representative Marcellus Shale flowback water sample, and finds that the high ionic strength of flowback water may make commonly used wet analysis unreliable in determining radium content of flowback waters.
Peer Reviewed

The Health Implications of Fracking

The Lancet
28 Feb 2014
Kovats S, Depledge M, Haines A, Fleming LE, Wilkinson P, Shonkoff SB, Scovronick N
What is known about the health effects of gas extraction by induced hydraulic fracturing of gas-bearing rock—ie, fracking? A workshop held on Nov 15, 2013, at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and attended by scientists, public health professionals, and decision makers addressed this question.
Peer Reviewed

Methane Leaks from North American Natural Gas Systems

14 Feb 2014
A. R. Brandt, G. A. Heath, E. A. Kort, F. O'Sullivan, G. Pétron, S. M. Jordaan, P. Tans, J. Wilcox, A. M. Gopstein, D. Arent, S. Wofsy, N. J. Brown, R. Bradley, G. D. Stucky, D. Eardley, R. Harriss

This study examines recent estimates of methane leakage, which have challenged the benefits of switching from coal to natural gas.

Peer Reviewed

Crude Oil Impairs Cardiac Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Fish

Science; 14 February 2014
Fabien Brette, Ben Machado, Caroline Cros, John P. Incardona, Nathaniel L. Scholz, Barbara A. Block
The findings of this study demonstrate a cardiotoxic mechanism by which crude oil affects the regulation of cellular excitability, with implications for life-threatening arrhythmias in vertebrates.
Peer Reviewed

The role of ethics in shale gas policies

Science of the Total Environment, 2014
01 Feb 2014
Inmaculada de Melo-Martín, Jake Hays, Madelon L. Finkel

This article argues that legislators making decisions about shale gas development have a prima facie duty to minimize false negatives.

Open Access
Peer Reviewed

Birth Outcomes and Maternal Residential Proximity to Natural Gas Development in Rural Colorado

Environmental Health Perspectives
28 Jan 2014
Lisa M. McKenzie, Ruixin Guo, Roxana Z. Witter, David A. Savitz, Lee S. Newman, and John L. Adgate

This study examined associations between maternal exposure to natural gas development and birth outcomes in Colorado.

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