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Developmental and reproductive effects of chemicals associated with unconventional oil and natural gas operations

Reviews on Environmental Health
05 Dec 2014
Ellen Webb, Sheila Bushkin-Bedient, Amanda Cheng, Christopher D. Kassotis, Victoria Balise, Susan C. Nagel
Open Access
Peer Reviewed

Influence of oil and gas emissions on ambient atmospheric non-methane hydrocarbons in residential areas of Northestern Colorado

Elem. Sci. Anth.
14 Nov 2014
Thompson CR, Hueber J, Helmig D
Peer Reviewed

New Tracers Identify Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids and Accidental Releases from Oil and Gas Operations

Environ Sci Technol
20 Oct 2014
N. R. Warner, T. H. Darrah, R. B. Jackson, R. Millot, W. Kloppmann, and A. Vengosh
Researchers discover a way to determine if water contamination is due to frac water
Open Access
Peer Reviewed

Volatile organic compound emissions from the oil and natural gas industry in the Uintah Basin, Utah: oil and gas well pad emissions compared to ambient air composition

Atmos Chem Phys
17 Oct 2014
C. Warneke, F. Geiger, P. M. Edwards, W. Dube, G. Pétron, J. Kofler, A. Zahn, S. S. Brown, M. Graus, J. B. Gilman, B. M. Lerner, J. Peischl, T. B. Ryerson, J. A. de Gouw, and J. M. Roberts
Study presents some of the first air "measurements using fast-response VOC instruments to look at individual gas and oil well pads and other point sources associated with oil and natural gas production"
Peer Reviewed

Four corners: The largest US methane anomaly viewed from space

Geophysical Research Letters
16 Oct 2014
Eric A. Kort, Christian Frankenberg, Keeley R. Costigan, Rodica Lindenmaier, Manvendra K. Dubey, Debra Wunch
Satellite data, as well as earth-based remote sensing, is used to compare federal emission estimates to real-world observations and finds that the largest methane anomaly viewable from space is located over the Four-Corners regions of the southwestern U.S., the source of which is likely fossil fuel development.
Peer Reviewed

Limited impact on decadal-scale climate change from increased use of natural gas

15 Oct 2014
McJeon H, Edmonds J, Bauer N, Clarke L, Fisher B, Flannery BP, Hilaire J, Krey V, Marangoni G, Mi R, Riahi K, Rogner H, Tavoni M
A collaboration of five state-of-the-art integrated energy-climate models show that increased natural gas consumption and substitution of coal by natural gas is unlikely to have significant climate benefits and , more likely, will increase greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector.
Open Access
Peer Reviewed

Remote sensing of fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas production in North American tight geologic formations

06 Oct 2014
Oliver Schneising, John P. Burrows, Russell R. Dickerson, Michael Buchwitz, Maximilian Reuter, and Heinrich Bovensmann
Researchers use satellite data to quantify methane emissions from the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Marcellus basins (USA).
Peer Reviewed

High winter ozone pollution from carbonyl photolysis in an oil and gas basin

01 Oct 2014
Peter M. Edwards, Steven S. Brown, James M. Roberts, Ravan Ahmadov, Robert M. Banta, Joost A. deGouw, William P. Dubé, Robert A. Field, James H. Flynn, Jessica B. Gilman, Martin Graus, Detlev Helmig, Abigail Koss, Andrew O. Langford, Barry L. Lefer, Bria
Research sheds-light on previously high winter ozone observations in the Uintah basin
Open Access

Noble gases identify the mechanisms of fugitive gas contamination in drinking water wells overlying the Marcellus and Barnett Shales

Thomas H. Darrah, Avner Vengosh, Robert B. Jackson, Nathaniel R. Warner, and Robert J. Poreda
Researchers examine hydrocarbon abundance and isotopic compositions to assess whether elevated levels of hydrocarbon gas in drinking water aquifers near gas wells are natural or anthropogenic, and the mechanisms of fugitive gas contamination.
Peer Reviewed

Enhanced Formation of Disinfection Byproducts in Shale Gas Wastewater-Impacted Drinking Water Supplies

Environ Sci Technol
09 Sep 2014
Kimberly M. Parker, Teng Zeng, Jennifer Harkness, Avner Vengosh, and William A. Mitch
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