Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Yale University

B.A. Physics and Astronomy, Wesleyan University

Dr. Boris Lukanov joined the Clean Energy Program at PSE in 2017. He has more than 10 years of multidisciplinary research experience in both experimental and theoretical science. His PhD work focused on the atomic-scale characterization of surfaces and thin films, with applications in photovoltaics and photoelectrochemistry. His postdoctoral and undergraduate research focused on theoretical simulations and computational modeling of complex fluid systems. Boris is interested in clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, air quality, and integrated resource modeling and optimization.

Selected Publications:

  • Boris Lukanov and Elena Krieger, “Distributed solar and environmental justice: Exploring the demographic and socioenconomic trends of residential PV adoption in California.” Energy Policy134, 110935 (2019).
  • Krieger, E.M., A. Makhijani, B. Lukanov and M.V. Ramana. A clean energy pathway for New Jersey. PSE Healthy Energy, 2017.
  • Boris Lukanov and Abbas Firoozabadi, “Molecular Thermodynamic Modeling of Reverse Micelles and Water-in-Oil Micromulsions.” Langmuir 32, 3100 (2016).
  • Atefeh Khoshnood, Boris Lukanov, Abbas Firozzabadi, “Temperature Effect on Micelle Formation: Molecular Thermodynamic Model Revisited.” Langmuir 32, 2175 (2016).
  • Boris Lukanov and Abbas Firoozabadi. Specific ion effects on the self-assembly of ionic surfactants: a molecular thermodynamic theory of micellization with dispersion forces. Langmuir 30, 6373 (2014).
  • Boris Lukanov, Kevin Garrity, Sohrab Ismail-Beigi, and Eric I. Altman. Formation and atomic structure of ordered Sr-induced nanostrips on Ge (100). Physical Review B 89, 155319 (2014).
  •  Boris Lukanov, Kevin Garrity, Sohrab Ismail-Beigi, and Eric I. Altman. Deciphering the atomic structure of a complex Sr/Ge (100) phase via scanning tunneling microscopy and first-principles calculations. Physical Review B 85, 195316 (2012).
  • Nicolas Giovambattista, Thomas Loerting, Boris R. Lukanov, and Francis W. Starr. Interplay of the Glass Transition and the Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition in Water. Scientific Reports 2, 390 (2012).
  • B. R. Lukanov, J. W. Reiner, F. J. Walker, C. H. Ahn, and E. I. Altman. Formation of alkaline-earth template layers on Ge(100) for oxide heteroepitaxy: Self-organization of ordered islands and trenches. Physical Review B 84, 075330 (2011).
  • Marvin Cummings, Sebastian Gliga, Boris Lukanov, Eric I. Altman, Matthias Bode, Enrique V. Barrera, “Surface interactions of molecular C60 and impact on Ni(100) and Co(001) film growth: A scanning tunneling microscopy study.” Surface Science 605, 72 (2011).