Christos Efstathiou is a Senior Scientist at PSE Healthy Energy with expertise in exposure science and assessment. His research uses observations, emissions inventories, and environmental fate and transport modeling tools to address implications of clean energy transition on pollution and assess associated exposures and health impacts. Examples of his work include evaluating the effect of decarbonization policies and technologies in the transportation and energy sectors, and developing modeling solutions for combustion sources, volatile chemical products, and emerging pollutants such as PFAS.

Prior to joining PSE, Dr. Efstathiou worked internationally in both academic and consulting settings for Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute of Rutgers University, Research Center for Toxic Compounds in the Environment of Masaryk University, Institute for the Environment of the University of North Carolina, General Dynamics Information Technology and Research Triangle Park.

Dr. Efstathiou obtained his BS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Aegean, Greece and his joint PhD in Environmental and Biomedical & Health Sciences from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. During his PhD, Dr. Efstathiou studied the integration of biogenic emissions in environmental fate, transport, and exposure systems, and developed an air quality modeling system for quantifying atmospheric levels and exposures to aeroallergens in a changing climate. In addition, he was a member of the NIEHS World Trade Center Working group focusing on assessing plume intensity and respiratory symptoms among New York City residents and groups of concern.