PhD, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University

Elena Krieger, PhD, joined PSE’s Oakland office in 2013 to lead the organization’s clean energy work. She received her PhD from the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, where her research focused on optimizing energy storage in renewable energy systems. She has previously worked on the engineering, design, implementation and evaluation of clean energy projects in Haiti, Guatemala, Brazil and Eritrea. Elena serves on the board of the Carbon Lighthouse Association and holds an AB in Physics and Astronomy & Astrophysics from Harvard University.

Selected Publications:

  • Shonkoff, S.B.C., J. Hays, L.A. Hill, E.M. Krieger, D. Hughes, N. Hosang, and A. Law. Trump: renewables for self-sufficiency. Nature, 540(7633):341-341, 2016.
  • E.M. Krieger, J. Cannarella, and C.B. Arnold. A comparison of lead-acid and lithium-based battery behavior and capacity fade in off-grid renewable charging applications. Energy, 60:492–500, 2013.
  • E.M. Krieger and C.B. Arnold. Effects of undercharge and internal loss on the rate dependence of battery charge storage efficiency. J. Power Sources, 210:286–291, 2012.

Peer-Reviewed Technical Reports:

  • Krieger, E.M. State of Renewables: U.S. and state-level renewable energy adoption rates: 2008-2013. PSE Healthy Energy, 2014.