M.S. in Environmental Science – University of Colorado

B.S. in Geology – University of Southern Colorado

Gregory Oberley is contracted by PSE to work on water resource issues primarily related to oil and gas development.  As a retired scientist for the USEPA and prior to that with the USGS, Gregory possesses a broad experience working on water resource characterization and protection projects.  Most notably, his last ten years with USEPA included intensive field work and data collection for the Pavillion Wyoming Groundwater Investigation and the National Hydraulic Fracturing Study.  Gregory also has experience generating comments regarding oil and gas development projects on federal lands and now brings that experience to a broader constituency to include non-federal land oil and gas development projects.  Gregory’s experience also includes characterizing groundwater resources at Superfund sites.  Currently, he provides assistance through the consulting firm, BNBN LLC, focusing on sustainable decisions regarding water resources.