Karan Shetty joined PSE’s clean energy transition team in early 2021, with a focus on both data analysis and science communications. His work at PSE centers around energy equity and affordability, air pollution, and health impacts from fossil fuel power. Prior to joining PSE, Shetty worked on a variety of projects in the renewable energy and carbon reduction sectors, from leading corporate solar initiatives to assessing opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

Shetty received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from UCLA, focusing on the intersection between environmental sciences and social issues such as environmental justice. He received his Master’s in Environmental Science and Management from UCSB’s Bren School, where he specialized in energy, climate, and carbon reductions, as well as strategic environmental communications. For his master’s thesis, Shetty worked with Patagonia to assess the feasibility of using regenerative agricultural practices to sequester carbon in the soil in the long term.