Lee Ann Hill, MPH, is the director of energy and health at PSE Healthy Energy, where she focuses on the impacts of energy production and use on human health, the environment, and climate. Hill joined PSE in 2016 to support the organization’s environmental health work on oil and gas. Her recent work focuses on the public health dimensions of oil and gas development, residential gas appliances, and approaches to carbon management and wildfire mitigation. She has characterized oil and gas-associated chemical usage and waste streams across multiple states and examined the human health hazards and risks associated with underground gas storage, oil and gas development, and produced water reuse. Intent on sharing her findings with relevant and diverse audiences, she has written commentaries, provided expert testimony, developed data visualization tools, and authored numerous peer-reviewed and technical reports.

Hill received her MPH in environmental health sciences from the School of Public Health at University of California, Berkeley. She also holds a BS in environmental science from Ithaca College.