Mokshda Kaul is a PhD student at the College of Global Futures at Arizona State University, studying
Sustainable Energy. Trained as an economist, prior to her PhD she spent two years working with
an energy policy think tank in India, on issues related to consumer advocacy, regulatory
governance and energy systems modeling. She is fundamentally interested in trying to
understand the process of policy design for clean energy transitions. Within the clean
energy transition, her interests specifically lie in justice and equity—studying the contestations
around justice in this issue space. At ASU, Kaul works at the re-Engineered Lab where her
research project focuses on how the Department of Energy, the National Labs and specifically
the Water Power Technologies Office can integrate principles of environment and energy justice
into their research, development, deployment, and commercial activities. Additionally, she is also
involved in a project that is studying how clean energy transition policies unfold, politically and