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Infographics August 29, 2017

Oil and Gas Development Proximity to U.S. Residents

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Presentations April 18, 2016

The Effects of Oil and Gas on California’s Communities

PSE Executive Director Seth Shonkoff joins a panel addressing the public health hazards related to toxic waste produced by oil and gas drilling.

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Science Summaries August 1, 2015

Grid Resilience

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Presentations May 4, 2015

The Science of Fracking

The Science of Fracking: Inquiring Minds Podcast with Chris Mooney

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Technical Reports January 23, 2015

U.S. Methane Mitigation 2015: A Review of Climate and Public Health Impacts

The U.S. EPA, in response to the Obama Administration's mandate for methane emission reductions, released its plan to cut emissions from the oil and gas industry by 40% - 45% from the 2012 baseline. Response to the proposal has been mixed with many environmental groups immediately applau

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Science Summaries March 1, 2014

Powering the Grid with Intermittent Renewables

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December 3, 2013

Drilling California: A reality check on the Monterey shale

This groundbreaking study is first publicly available empirical analysis of actual oil production data from the Monterey Formation, including from wells that have undergone hydraulic fracturing and acidization. It lays out some of the play's fundamental characteristics compared to other tight oil pl

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