Dr. Rossi completed a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Penn State in 2009 and received his PhD in Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Pittsburgh in 2016. His dissertation research focused on soil biogeochemistry and how land use and human activities affect hydrologic regimes, and by extension, major and trace metal dynamics. Following the completion of his dissertation, Dr. Rossi was a visiting scholar at the University of Pittsburgh, where he devised a project to reconstruct the environmental legacy of industrial activities and coal-fired electricity generation in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. Dr. Rossi held his first postdoctoral appointment in 2017 at Temple University, where he examined the impact of land use and green infrastructure on surface and groundwater hydrology within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. In 2017 Dr. Rossi was awarded a NatureNet Science Fellowship with the Nature Conservancy and conducted postdoctoral research on oxygen dynamics in agricultural soils at Stanford University.

Dr. Rossi’s current work is on the impact of produced water from oil and gas activities on groundwater systems. Dr. Rossi completed his PhD in Geology and Environmental Science at The University of Pittsburgh and his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.


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