Yanelli Núñez, PhD, joined PSE in 2022 as an environmental health scientist. Her research evaluates the health impacts of energy systems, focusing on historically marginalized communities. Dr. Núñez obtained a doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences from Columbia University, where she examined the effects of long-term exposure to fine particulate matter on neurodegenerative disease aggravation. During her PhD training, Dr. Núñez also worked on studies evaluating co-exposure to multiple pollutants in order to more comprehensively characterize the totality of environmental exposures. Following her PhD, she completed a post-doctoral at Columbia University. In her post-doctoral, Dr. Núñez analyzed air pollution emissions trends from various sources to investigate whether improvements in air quality throughout the United States have been equitable across racial and economic groups.

Before her PhD, Dr. Núñez served as a public health Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa, and earned a BS in Biological Sciences with a minor in Public Health from San Diego State University. Dr. Núñez is also a member of the Students and New Research Network leadership team in the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology.