California Kitchen Study

Between February and September of 2021, researchers from PSE collected samples of unburned natural gas from stoves around California to learn more about the pollutants it might contain

The results of this study have now been published. Click below to learn more.

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Sampling and analysis have concluded; results have now been published in the journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Click the first button above to view the full report, or the second button to see an overview of key findings.

About the California Kitchen Study

Much is still unknown about the health impacts of using natural gas in our homes. The California Kitchen Study aims to improve our understanding of the relationship between indoor air quality and human health and the potential health hazards of unburned natural gas.

By signing up to volunteer (see above), you will help us answer the question: What is in natural gas besides methane? The current phase of the project focuses on the chemical makeup of natural gas, including concentrations of dozens of other health-damaging air pollutants. PSE Healthy Energy’s staff scientists will take direct samples from volunteers’ homes to quantify these pollutants. This project will specifically focus on residences in California. 

Our natural gas sampling procedure involves us taking a sample of unburned gas from kitchen stoves (see photo). We will connect a hose to the stove and collect a sample of gas in a canister to send to a contracted lab for analysis. We aim to work with residents and community groups to sample stoves across the major population centers in California.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this project please email our team of researchers.