Real-time Air Quality Data

View current and past air quality conditions in Richmond-San Pablo, CA.

Air quality data shown below are provided by the Richmond Air Monitoring Network — a network of nearly 50 air quality monitors located throughout Richmond, North Richmond and San Pablo, California. Data are visualized in real-time by Aclima.

To view current air quality data, click the ‘View current conditions’ button below.

Select a time frame:  View current air quality (updated each minute) or air quality data over the last 24 hours, last week, last month or last 90 days. 

Select a pollutant: Our network includes real-time air quality data for three health-relevant air pollutants: particulate matter less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ozone (O3). 

Select an air monitor or location: Enter an address of interest or click on an individual air monitor to view air quality data at or near that location. 


Contact Us

To ask questions, make comments, report any errors in the data, or request a walk-through of the data visualizations, please contact Boris Lukanov at: These data are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but there are sometimes discrepancies in data calibration and reporting. We would appreciate your input if you notice any anomalies or inaccuracies to help us improve these visualizations. We are also eager to help you navigate and use the tool, so please reach out if we can help you use the tool to answer any specific questions!