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Research Briefs October 18, 2017

Wind Energy in New York State

Elena Krieger, PhD

Research Briefs April 25, 2017

Natural Gas Power Plants in California’s Disadvantaged Communities

California's power plants are disproportionately located near communities with high cumulative socioeconomic and environmental burdens. By applying the environmental justice screening tool CalEnviroScreen 3.0, we find that half of California's natural gas power plants are located in communities.

Elena Krieger, PhD

Research Briefs January 1, 2013

Fluid Migration Mechanisms Due to Faulty Well Design and/or Construction: An Overview and Recent Experiences in the Pennsylvania Marcellus Play

This PSE brief introduces the mechanisms leading to loss of well structural integrity and examines the prevalence of fluid migration from faulty wells in the natural gas industry and potential impacts for the Marcellus region.

Anthony Ingraffea, PhD, PE