Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research (ROGER)

The Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research, or ROGER, is a near-exhaustive collection of bibliographic information, abstracts, and links to many of journal articles that pertain to shale and tight gas development. The goal of this project is to create a single repository for unconventional oil and gas-related research as a resource for academic, scientific, and citizen researchers.

ROGER currently includes 2152 studies.
Last updated: April 16, 2021


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Twelve years of unconventional oil and gas development: production performance and economic analysis
Wigwe et al., February 2021
Market Tremors: Shale Gas Exploration, Earthquakes, and their Impact on House Prices
Gibbons et al., December 2020
A brief systematic review of the literature on the economic, social and environmental impacts of shale gas exploitation in the United Kingdom
Álvarez-Ramos et al., December 2020
Valuing shale gas development in resource-dependent communities
Zachary T. Keeler and Heather M. Stephens, December 2020
Fracking and Asset Prices: The Role of Health Indicators for House Prices Across Oklahoma’s Counties
Apergis et al., November 2020
Costs of increasing oil and gas setbacks are initially modest but rise sharply
Ericson et al., November 2020
The Double Trigger for Mortgage Default: Evidence from the Fracking Boom
Cunningham et al., September 2020
Mitigating the Environmental Effects of Oil and Gas Exploitation: Issues of Compliance, Cost of Production, and Community Awareness
Jones Lewis Arthur, September 2020
The impact of shale gas development on the U.S economy: Evidence from a quantile: Autoregressive distributed lag model
Sakiru Adebola Solarin and Mufutau Opeyemi Bello, June 2020
Potential for Reclamation of Abandoned Gas Wells to Restore Ecosystem Services in the Fayetteville Shale of Arkansas
Nallur et al., June 2020
The economic impact of oil and gas development in the Permian Basin: Local and spillover effects
Haoying Wang, June 2020
Techno-economic analysis of converting oil & gas produced water into valuable resources
Madison Wenzlick and Nicholas Siefert, May 2020
Shale boom and cross-county commuting in the Permian Basin region
Haoying Wang, March 2020
The shale gas production and economic growth in local economies across the US
Bilgili et al., January 2020
Research on the Definition of Economic Limits for the Development of Unconventional Natural Gas under New Situations
Li et al., April 2021
Measuring the air pollution cost of shale gas development in China
Ma et al., November 2019
Cumulative environmental and employment impacts of the shale gas boom
Mayfield et al., November 2019
Shale gas in coal country: Testing the Goldilocks Zone of energy impacts in the western Appalachian range
Anne N. Junod and Jeffrey B. Jacquet, September 2019
Prospects and Challenges of Shale Gas Recovery in Europe
Aksyutin et al., September 2019
Analyzing the feasibility of fracking in the U.S. using macro level life cycle cost analysis and assessment approaches — A foundational study
Mohammed S. Hashem M. Mehany and Shantanu Kumar, August 2019
The impact of fracking activities on Oklahoma's housing prices: A panel cointegration analysis
Nicholas Apergis, May 2019
How should unconventional oil and gas be regulated? The role of natural resource dependence and economic insecurity
Adam Mayer and Stephanie Malin, December 2018
Security Bonding in Unconventional Gas Development: Evidence from an Economic Experiment
Tiho Ancev and Danielle Merrett, November 2018
Oklahoma earthquakes and the price of oil
Travis Roach, October 2018
Why does industry structure matter for unconventional oil and gas development? Examining revenue sharing outcomes in North Dakota
Litzow et al., October 2018
The economic, social and environmental impact of shale gas exploitation in Romania: A cost-benefit analysis
Grecu et al., October 2018
Fracking Fortunes: Economic Well-being and Oil and Gas Development along the Urban-Rural Continuum
Mayer et al., September 2018
The bubble that got away? Prospects for shale gas development in South Africa
Stefan Andreasson, July 2018
Economic, social, and environmental evaluation of energy development in the Eagle Ford Shale Play
Mohtar et al., July 2018
The fiscal impacts of increased U.S. oil and gas development on local governments
Richard G. Newell and Daniel Raimi, June 2018
Economic viability of UK shale gas and potential impacts on the energy market up to 2030
Cooper et al., April 2018
The case of the missing negative externality? Housing market effects of fracking in the Niobrara shale play, Colorado
He et al., April 2021
Fracking and Value Capture in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area
Austin Zwick, April 2021
Economic Identity, Price and Policy: Willingness to Pay for Fracking Regulation in Colorado
Adam Mayer, April 2021
Induced earthquakes and housing markets: Evidence from Oklahoma
Cheung et al., April 2021
Fracking Fortunes: Economic Well-being and Oil and Gas Development along the Urban-Rural Continuum
Mayer et al., December 2017
Economic assessment and review of waterless fracturing technologies in shale resource development: A case study
Kohshou et al., October 2017
Fracking and Labor Market Conditions: A Comparison of Pennsylvania and New York Border Counties
Hastings et al., September 2017
An Economic Impact Report of Shale Gas Extraction in Pennsylvania with Stricter Assumptions
Hoy et al., August 2017
Quantifying Market and Non-market Benefits and Costs of Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States: A Summary of the Literature
John Loomis and Michelle Haefele, August 2017
Re-appraisal of the Bakken Shale play: Accounting for historic and future oil prices and applying fiscal rates of North Dakota, Montana and Saskatchewan
Weijermars et al., June 2017
Evaluating the risk premium in the U.S.A. natural gas market: evidence from low-price regime
Aiube et al., February 2017
Effects of the structural change on transaction costs between North America natural gas spot markets
Kannika Duangnate and James W. Mjelde, February 2017
The social–economic impact of shale gas extraction: a global perspective
Adrian Paylor, February 2017
Employment impacts of upstream oil and gas investment in the United States
Agerton et al., February 2017
Eagle Ford Shale play economics: U.S. versus Mexico
Weijermars et al., February 2017
Performance of a cap and trade system for managing environmental impacts of shale gas surface infrastructure
Austin W. Milt and Paul R. Armsworth, January 2017
I can hear my neighbors’ fracking: The effect of natural gas production on housing values in Tarrant County, TX
Andrew T. Balthrop and Zackary Hawley, January 2017
Unconventional energy sources: Safety impacts, opportunities, and economic challenges
Demirbas et al., April 2021
Ownership and Spatial Distribution of Eagle Ford Mineral Wealth in Live Oak County, Texas
Murphy et al., April 2021