Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research (ROGER)

The Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research, or ROGER, is a near-exhaustive collection of bibliographic information, abstracts, and links to many of journal articles that pertain to shale and tight gas development. The goal of this project is to create a single repository for unconventional oil and gas-related research as a resource for academic, scientific, and citizen researchers.

ROGER currently includes 2152 studies.
Last updated: April 16, 2021


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Employment impacts of upstream oil and gas investment in the United States
Agerton et al., February 2017
The Local Employment Impacts of Fracking: A National Study
Peter Maniloff and Ralph Mastromonaco, April 2021
Labor market impacts of U.S. Tight oil development: The case of the Bakken
Dragan Miljkovic and David Ripplinger, November 2016
Labor market dynamics and the unconventional natural gas boom: Evidence from the Marcellus region
Timothy M. Komarek, August 2016
Resident vs. Nonresident Employment Associated with Marcellus Shale Development
Wrenn et al., August 2015
Income and Employment Effects of Shale Gas Extraction Windfalls: Evidence from the Marcellus Region
Paredes et al., April 2021
Estimating Willingness to Pay for River Amenities and Safety Measures Associated with Shale Gas Extraction
Bernstein et al., January 2013
A decade of natural gas development: The makings of a resource curse?
Jeremy G. Weber, April 2021
The effects of a natural gas boom on employment and income in Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming
Jeremy G. Weber, September 2012