Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research (ROGER)

The Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research, or ROGER, is a near-exhaustive collection of bibliographic information, abstracts, and links to many of journal articles that pertain to shale and tight gas development. The goal of this project is to create a single repository for unconventional oil and gas-related research as a resource for academic, scientific, and citizen researchers.

ROGER currently includes 2152 studies.
Last updated: April 16, 2021


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Impact of U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Emission Increases on Surface Ozone Is Most Pronounced in the Central United States
Pozzer et al., October 2020
Air quality measurements in the western Eagle Ford Shale
Geoffrey S. Roest and Gunnar W. Schade, May 2020
Air quality impacts from oil and natural gas development in Colorado
Detlev Helmig, February 2020
Impact of natural gas development in the Marcellus and Utica Shales on regional ozone and fine particulate matter levels
Roohani et al., January 2017
Investigating ambient ozone formation regimes in neighboring cities of shale plays in the Northeast United States using photochemical modeling and satellite retrievals
Chang et al., October 2016
Investigation of the Influence of Transport from Oil and Natural Gas Regions on Elevated Ozone Levels in the Northern Colorado Front Range
Jason M. Evans and Detlev Helmig, September 2016
Statistical evaluation of the impact of shale gas activities on ozone pollution in North Texas
Mahdi Ahmadi and Kuruvilla John, December 2015
Influence of oil and gas field operations on spatial and temporal distributions of atmospheric non-methane hydrocarbons and their effect on ozone formation in winter
Field et al., March 2015
Regional ozone impacts of increased natural gas use in the Texas power sector and development in the Eagle Ford shale
Pacsi et al., February 2015
Association of short-term exposure to ground-level ozone and respiratory outpatient clinic visits in a rural location – Sublette County, Wyoming, 2008–2011
Pride et al., February 2015
Understanding high wintertime ozone pollution events in an oil- and natural gas-producing region of the western US
Ahmadov et al., January 2015
High winter ozone pollution from carbonyl photolysis in an oil and gas basin
Edwards et al., October 2014
Strong wintertime ozone events in the Upper Green River basin, Wyoming
Rappenglück et al., May 2014
Anatomy of wintertime ozone associated with oil and natural gas extraction activity in Wyoming and Utah
Oltmans et al., March 2014
Ozone photochemistry in an oil and natural gas extraction region during winter: simulations of a snow-free season in the Uintah Basin, Utah
Edwards et al., March 2013
The potential near-source ozone impacts of upstream oil and gas industry emissions
Eduardo P Olaguer, August 2012
Ozone Impacts of Natural Gas Development in the Haynesville Shale
Kemball-Cook et al., December 2010
Regional impacts of oil and gas development on ozone formation in the western United States
Rodriguez et al., September 2009