Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research (ROGER)

The Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research, or ROGER, is a near-exhaustive collection of bibliographic information, abstracts, and links to many of journal articles that pertain to shale and tight gas development. The goal of this project is to create a single repository for unconventional oil and gas-related research as a resource for academic, scientific, and citizen researchers.

ROGER currently includes 2152 studies.
Last updated: April 16, 2021


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Bird and invertebrate communities appear unaffected by fracking traffic along rural roads despite dust emissions
Spiess et al., June 2019
Associations Between Oil and Gas Wells and Arthropod and Vegetation Communities in the Southern Plains
Duquette et al., May 2019
Oil Development in the Grasslands: Saskatchewan’s Bakken Formation and Species at Risk Protection
Andrea Olive, February 2018
Mule deer and energy development -NDASH- long-term trends of habituation and abundance
Sawyer et al., April 2017
Aspects of the home range ecology of the leopard tortoise in the semi-arid central Karoo: An area threatened with fracking
Martyn Drabik-Hamshare and Colleen T. Downs, April 2021
Oil and gas development influences big-game hunting in Wyoming
Dorning et al., December 2016
Simulated drilling noise affects the space use of a large terrestrial mammal
Drolet et al., October 2016
Quantifying spatial habitat loss from hydrocarbon development through assessing habitat selection patterns of mule deer
Northrup et al., August 2015
Potential reduction in terrestrial salamander ranges associated with Marcellus shale development
Brand et al., December 2014
Effects of Livestock Grazing and Well Construction on Prairie Vegetation Structure Surrounding Shallow Natural Gas Wells
Koper et al., July 2014
Seasonal Resource Selection and Distributional Response by Elk to Development of a Natural Gas Field
Buchanan et al., July 2014
Accumulated metals and metallothionein expression in organs of hares (Lepus europaeus Pallas) within natural gas fields of Podravina, Croatia
Tota et al., May 2013
Migrating Mule Deer: Effects of Anthropogenically Altered Landscapes
Lendrum et al., May 2013
Habitat selection by mule deer during migration: effects of landscape structure and natural-gas development
Lendrum et al., September 2012
Human-mediated shifts in animal habitat use: Sequential changes in pronghorn use of a natural gas field in Greater Yellowstone
Beckmann et al., March 2012