Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research (ROGER)

The Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research, or ROGER, is a near-exhaustive collection of bibliographic information, abstracts, and links to many of journal articles that pertain to shale and tight gas development. The goal of this project is to create a single repository for unconventional oil and gas-related research as a resource for academic, scientific, and citizen researchers.

ROGER currently includes 2152 studies.
Last updated: April 16, 2021


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Prominent Safety and Health Hazards During Crude Extraction: A Review of Process
Yadav et al., January 2021
Emissions of particulate matter due to Marcellus Shale gas development in Pennsylvania: Mapping the implications
Zoya Banan and Jeremy M. Gernand, January 2021
High Ethylene and Propylene in an Area Dominated by Oil Production
Lyman et al., January 2021
The Impact of Shale Oil and Gas Development on Rangelands in the Permian Basin Region: An Assessment Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Data
Haoying Wang, January 1970
Evaluating Potential for Groundwater Contamination from Surface Spills Associated with Unconventional Oil and Gas Production: Methodology and Application to the South Platte Alluvial Aquifer
Cynthia Mai Kanno and John E. McCray, January 1970
The Role of Membrane-Based Technologies in Environmental Treatment and Reuse of Produced Water
Zolghadr et al., April 2021
Arsenic Release to the Environment from Hydrocarbon Production, Storage, Transportation, Use and Waste Management
Madeline E. Schreiber and Isabelle M. Cozzarelli, December 2020
Effect of temperature on phenanthrene accumulation from hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Blewett et al., December 2020
Irrigation of Wheat with Select Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals: Evaluating Plant Uptake and Growth Impacts
Shariq et al., December 2020
Reaping Rewards, or Missing out? How Neoliberal Governance and State Growth Machines Condition the Impacts of Oil and Gas Development on Local Well-Being
Mayer et al., December 2020
Market Tremors: Shale Gas Exploration, Earthquakes, and their Impact on House Prices
Gibbons et al., December 2020
Evaluating oil and gas contributions to ambient nonmethane hydrocarbon mixing ratios and ozone-related metrics in the Colorado Front Range
Lyu et al., December 2020
Unconventional Natural Gas Development and Heart Failure
and , December 2020
Biological effects of inhaled hydraulic fracturing sand dust. I. Scope of the investigation
Jeffrey S. Fedan, December 2020
Endocrine disrupting activities and geochemistry of water resources associated with unconventional oil and gas activity
Kassotis et al., December 2020
Connecting Cognitive and Behavioral Characteristics of Policy Conflict in Oil and Gas Politics
Christopher M. Weible and Tanya Heikkila, December 2020
Unconventional Natural Gas Development and Hospitalization for Heart Failure in Pennsylvania
McAlexander et al., December 2020
Understanding controls on the geochemistry of hydrocarbon produced waters from different basins across the US
Sharma et al., December 2020
Mobile Measurement System for the Rapid and Cost-Effective Surveillance of Methane and Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Oil and Gas Production Sites
Zhou et al., December 2020
Unprecedented quiescence in resource development area allowsdetection of long-lived latent seismicity
Rebecca O. Salvage and David W. Eaton, December 2020
A brief systematic review of the literature on the economic, social and environmental impacts of shale gas exploitation in the United Kingdom
Álvarez-Ramos et al., December 2020
Exploring controls on halogen and methane occurrence in groundwater of New York State
Fisher et al., December 2020
Biological effects of inhaled hydraulic fracturing sand dust. III. Cytotoxicity and pro-inflammatory responses in cultured murine macrophage cells
Olgun et al., December 2020
Biological effects of inhaled hydraulic fracturing sand dust. V. Pulmonary inflammatory, cytotoxic and oxidant effects
Sager et al., December 2020
The Goldilocks view: Support and skepticism of the impacts and pace of unconventional oil and gas development in the Bakken Shale of the United States
Ulrich-Schad et al., December 2020
Petro-riskscapes and environmental distress in West Texas: Community perceptions of environmental degradation, threats, and loss
Elser et al., December 2020
On-site treatment capacity of membrane distillation powered by waste heat or natural gas for unconventional oil and gas wastewater in the Denver-Julesburg Basin
Robbins et al., December 2020
An opportunity to say no: Comparing local community attitudes toward onshore unconventional gas development in pre-approval and operational phases
McCrea et al., December 2020
Understanding social licence to operate for onshore gas development: How the underlying drivers fit together
Andrea Walton and Rod McCrea, December 2020
Depressed democracy, environmental injustice: Exploring the negative mental health implications of unconventional oil and gas production in the United States
Stephanie A. Malin, December 2020
Valuing shale gas development in resource-dependent communities
Zachary T. Keeler and Heather M. Stephens, December 2020
Disclosing Influence: Hydraulic fracturing, interest groups, and state policy processes in the United States
Baka et al., December 2020
Partisanship does not tell the full story: The complexities of public opinion and fracking in the United States
Michelle H. W. Lee and Ashley Clark, December 2020
Hydraulic fracturing and political conflict: News media coverage of topics and themes across nine states
Berardo et al., December 2020
Humanizing hydrocarbon frontiers: the “lived experience” of shale gas fracking in the United Kingdom’s Fylde communities
Sovacool et al., November 2020
Fracking and Asset Prices: The Role of Health Indicators for House Prices Across Oklahoma’s Counties
Apergis et al., November 2020
Geochemistry and Age of Groundwater in the Williston Basin, USA: Assessing Potential Effects of Shale-Oil Production on Groundwater Quality
McMahon et al., November 2020
Birth defects and unconventional natural gas developments in Texas, 1999–2011
Tang et al., November 2020
Watershed-scale assessment of surface water-related risks from shale gas development in mountainous areas, China
Zhang et al., November 2020
Air pollution risk associated with unconventional shale gas development
Nur H. Orak and Natalie J. Pekney, November 2020
Corrosive disadvantage: the impact of fracking on young people’s capabilities
Dunlop et al., November 2020
Investigating large methane enhancements in the U.S. San Juan Basin
Pétron et al., November 2020
Costs of increasing oil and gas setbacks are initially modest but rise sharply
Ericson et al., November 2020
Biological effects of inhaled hydraulic fracturing sand dust. VI. Cardiovascular effects
Krajnak et al., November 2020
Vulnerability of populations exposed to seismic risk in the state of Oklahoma
Derakhshan et al., November 2020
The impact of water scarcity on support for hydraulic fracturing regulation: A water-energy nexus study
Bryce Hannibal and Kent Portney, November 2020
Hydraulic fracturing design considerations, water management challenges and insights for Middle Eastern shale gas reservoirs
Suboyin et al., November 2020
Methane Emissions from Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in California
Lebel et al., October 2020
Green, yellow, red, or out of the blue? An assessment of Traffic Light Schemes to mitigate the impact of hydraulic fracturing-induced seismicity
James P. Verdon and Julian J. Bommer, October 2020
Activity and Water Footprint of Unconventional Energy Production under Hydroclimate Variation in Colorado
Du et al., October 2020