We bring science to energy policy

PSE Healthy Energy is a nonprofit research institute that studies the way energy production and use impact public health and the environment

Who We Are

At PSE Healthy Energy, our mission is to generate science-based energy and climate solutions that protect public health and the environment. We are public health professionals, scientists, and engineers that integrate technical expertise across multiple fields to inform science-based energy policy. Our vision is a healthy, resilient, and equitable energy future.

Our Values

Scientific Integrity. We believe in honest and transparent scientific methods and observation, follow rigorous protocols, and only produce and rely upon empirically defensible data.

Communication. We proactively support the exchange of knowledge across disciplines and diverse audiences, and make information sharing accessible, collaborative, and multi-directional.

Impact. We work to inspire, refine, and reform energy and climate policies in ways that protect and benefit society, public health, and the environment.

Justice. We recognize the historical, current, and future distribution of environmental hazards and seek to inform equitable and just solutions for overburdened communities.

Sustainability. We support energy options that adequately address societal needs, minimize harms to the environment and public health, and ensure energy supply for future generations.

Our Research

We have three formal areas of research: Clean Energy, Energy and Environment, and Environmental Health.

  • solar panels and wind turbines
  • Just off Interstate Highway 25, Drill Rig 1548 - Encana Natural Gas, works closely with their fracking drill rig in front of homes in the town of Frederick in Weld County, Colorado. Pipes, vehicles and storage tanks also stand in front of homes as hazy, snow capped front range of the Rocky Mountains stand in the background.