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News from PSE June 11, 2022

Krieger Joins Al Gore to Discuss Climate Solutions

Elena Krieger, PhD, Adrienne Underwood

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PSE Blog August 3, 2022

Four Ways to Bring Health and Equity to Utility Planning

Kelsey Bilsback, PhD, Elena Krieger, PhD

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PSE in the Media July 31, 2022

Oil industry skeptical of Newsom’s focus on leaky wells

The idea of establishing the setbacks at 3,200 was put forward by a 15-member public-health panel selected by the University of California, Berkeley together with Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Health Energy.

PSE in the Media July 13, 2022

Doing This While You Cook Can Slash Your Cancer Risk, New Study Shows

Curtis Nordgaard, MD, MSc, a co-author of the study and an environmental health scientist for the PSE Healthy Energy research institute in Oakland, California, noted that 95 percent of the samples contained benzene.

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PSE in the Media July 6, 2022

Your Gas Stove Might Be Leaking Toxins. Here’s How to Stay Safe

The study also found that about one in 20 stoves had a gas leak when not in use that was sizable enough to recommend follow-up with an expert.