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PSE Blog August 14, 2023

Planning for Affordability

Boris Lukanov, PhD, Yunus Kinkhabwala, PhD

PSE Blog June 26, 2023

Scientist Dispatch: Signs of a Changing Climate in Antarctica

Madelon L. Finkel, PhD

PSE Blog June 5, 2023

Keeping the Lights on During Extreme Weather

Warren Stokes II, Adrienne Underwood

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PSE in the Media September 15, 2023

A new report reveals the unexpected home appliance that’s causing major health problems — and it’s not just gas stoves

And according to Drew Michanowicz, a scientist at research institute PSE Healthy Energy, all samples of natural gas contain “a small suite of hazardous air pollutants that clearly we would not want to be exposed to.

Yahoo News

PSE in the Media September 14, 2023

Utilities in New Hampshire unexpectedly back solar net metering

In a sharp turnaround from their previous stance, Eversource, Unitil and Liberty Utilities testified in support of keeping the state’s net-metering incentive intact.

Canary Media

PSE in the Media September 6, 2023

In unexpected move, New Hampshire utilities voice support for solar net metering

Eversource, Unitil, and Liberty Utilities say the state’s net metering policy is balanced and effective, and that there’s no evidence of unjustified cost-shifting to customers without solar panels.

Energy News Network

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Press Release February 22, 2023

Over 18 percent of Maryland households are burdened by high energy bills

Adrienne Underwood, Warren Stokes II