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News from PSE June 11, 2022

Krieger Joins Al Gore to Discuss Climate Solutions

Elena Krieger, PhD, Adrienne Underwood

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PSE Blog October 20, 2022

New Research Links Gas Leaks to Air Pollution

Jackson Goldman, BS

PSE Blog September 19, 2022

To Slow Global Warming We Must Cut Methane Emissions

Madelon L. Finkel, PhD

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PSE in the Media November 29, 2022

Big Oil slammed over record profits, record prices at California Energy Commission hearing

Elena Krieger, research director at PSE Healthy Energy, said the commission should review how low-income communities of color face disparate costs to commute to work — and disparate transportation pollution effects.

Courthouse News

PSE in the Media November 29, 2022

North Carolina Utilities Commission should make the right decision on Duke’s Carbon Plan

Our work with PSE Healthy Energy highlights how more aggressive investments in rooftop solar, battery storage and energy efficiency can lower emissions, costs, and, over time, even lower the amount of need for bill assistance programs that help households struggling to afford their energy bills.

Before It's News

PSE in the Media November 14, 2022

A Move To End Oil Drilling in LA Could Unearth Development Opportunities. Extracting Them Is a Challenge.

Thousands of Drilling Sites May Open to Development, but Problems Persist Long After the Work Stops.