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News from PSE October 22, 2018

BMJ Editorial Urges Doctors to Lead

Ann Brody Guy

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PSE Blog November 15, 2018

Introducing the California Power Map

Elena Krieger, PhD

PSE Blog October 2, 2018

Net Zero Carbon California by 2045: What Will It Take?

Elena Krieger, PhD, Boris Lukanov, PhD, Seth B.C. Shonkoff, PhD, MPH

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PSE in the Media September 12, 2018

Big Oil’s Black Mark On California’s Climate Record

Almost everything in Orcutt, California, feels like a testament to its origins as a 20th century oil boomtown—not least its name. William Warren Orcutt, a pioneer of petroleum geology and the man who helped Union Oil strike it big in the Golden State, founded the town in 1904.

Pacific Standard