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News from PSE May 3, 2021

PSE Quarterly Newsletter | Spring 2021

Adrienne Underwood

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PSE in the Media May 3, 2021

Law meant to push drilling further from houses had little impact, study finds

Despite a 2012 Pennsylvania law creating a 500-foot setback from houses and other structures for new oil and gas wells, companies have drilled hundreds of wells within that 500-foot distance, a new study found.

StateImpact Pennsylvania

PSE in the Media May 3, 2021

Loopholes undermine fracking setback rules — study

A Pennsylvania law designed to protect the public against harmful effects of hydraulic fracturing is not working as intended and is riddled with loopholes, according to new research.

E&E News

PSE in the Media April 29, 2021

Harvard study says tighter oil, gas rules that allow exemptions make little difference

Study reviews Pennsylvania law; officials say new Colorado rules differ from the Keystone State’s law.

Denver Post