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PSE Blog January 21, 2022

Designing Solar and Storage for Community Resilience Hubs

Patrick Murphy, PhD

PSE Blog September 30, 2021

Richmond Air Monitoring Network Insights: Using hyperlocal data to evaluate neighborhood trends in air pollution

Lee Ann Hill, MPH, Audrey Smith, MPH, Karan Shetty, M.ESM, AngĂ©lica Ruiz, MPH, Boris Lukanov, PhD

PSE Blog August 4, 2021

Bringing Health and Equity to Decarbonization

Audrey Smith, MPH, Boris Lukanov, PhD

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PSE in the Media January 7, 2022

California bills aim to help communities create resilience, cut emissions with microgrids and DERs

Between 2013-2020, California utilities reported that they cut power to more than 3.2 million customers, according to PSE Healthy Energy, a nonprofit research institute.

Microgrid Knowledge

PSE in the Media December 8, 2021

Microgrids and solar reduce risk of power outages

Many organizations and communities are investing in solar backup power to keep critical systems online during grid outages.

Tech Xplore

PSE in the Media December 1, 2021

Local clean energy can be the foundation for climate resilience

Clean energy and backup power at the household and community level can supply electricity when the grid goes down.