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PSE’s research and analyses inform policies that ensure our society’s energy choices are safe for the environment and protect public health. With even a small donation, you will help us make a difference in the world.  

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Where your money goes

In just the past year, PSE Healthy Energy has:
  • Expanded our research on how to maximize the health benefits of a renewable energy transition;
  • Increased the body of evidence-based science on the health and climate hazards of oil and gas production;
  • Scientifically framed the potential health hazards of growing crops with oilfield wastewater;
  • Calculated the death and disease burden of fossil fuel power generation.
... and much more. Just a few examples of our work in these areas:
  • Our reports and presentations on the health and equity issues in the Clean Power Plan and on fuel switching in the power sector have received significant interest from regulators, advocates, and scientists.
  • Our report on the chemical hazards of using oilfield wastewater for agricultural irrigation, livestock watering, and aquifer recharge in the San Joaquin Valley of California has catalyzed significant policy conversations about protecting food and ecosystem safety across California and the Mountain West.
  • Our paper and infographic published in PLOS ONE summarize the peer-reviewed public health, air quality, and water-quality science on fracking for shale and tight gas across the country. The majority of published studies found hazards, risks, and measurable impacts, our research indicates.
  • Our paper published in the journal Energy Policy presents the first framework for integrating renewable energy and energy storage technologies to maximize human health and air quality benefits and minimize environmental justice concerns.
Please support our work now with a donation of any size.  

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Getting the word out

Research collecting dust on a shelf can’t do the job of informing policy makers and the public, so we have continued to step up our communications effort with public presentations, one-page information sheets, and media outreach. In the past year, we have updated our visual-identity, launched a new website, and increased our thoughtful news and social media outreach about the most newsworthy findings — ours and others' — impacting the topics we work on. Our peer-reviewed research has been covered in local, regional, national, and international media and our scientists regularly provide expert information for the news media, both as quoted experts and as background information that helps ensure the scientific accuracy of coverage. And we’ve published opinion pieces that argue for equitable, evidence-based policies in The Hill, The Sierra Club’s Sierra Magazine, and other publications. The generous support of donors like you is what truly helps to transform our commitment into accomplishments like these. Please give to PSE as we continue to work toward responsible, evidence-based energy and climate policies that protect the environment and public health.  

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Thank you! We are always grateful for your generous donations of any size.


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