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Providing scientific perspective on energy-related issues is built into PSE’s mission. “PSE in the Media” features a selection of media coverage on our research and expert commentary. For media relations assistance, go to the Press Room.

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PSE in the Media May 16, 2022

The Best Stove for Your Health and the Environment

Gas stoves are associated with a certain allure: an image of prestigious chefs cooking in sought-after, high-end kitchens over an open flame. At the same time, electric stoves and their dated coils have been eschewed by many at-home culinary enthusiasts.


PSE in the Media May 6, 2022

STUDY: Gas stoves emit greenhouse gases, even when not in use

A Stanford study found emissions from gas stoves in U.S. homes are comparable to annual emissions from half a million cars.

ABC7 Los Angeles | Eyewitness News

PSE in the Media May 6, 2022

Activists say Native and lower-income communities are disproportionately harmed by coal and gas power plants. They’re calling on Minnesota Power to adopt more renewable energy and to close some plants.

A study found that closing some of Minnesota Power’s existing plants would save three lives a year and $200 million in health care costs.

Sahan Journal

PSE in the Media April 29, 2022

First of it’s kind health-equity study examines impacts of fossil fuels on Minnesotans

While a few other states have started using health analyses in the regulation of the power sector, the concept is still novel in Minnesota. Our coalition hopes that changes.

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

PSE in the Media April 29, 2022

Minnesota Power’s IRP must reflect our climate reality

A report from Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSE) evaluates the public health and energy burden impacts of Minnesota Power’s Preferred Plan.

Fresh Energy

PSE in the Media April 28, 2022

A Big Week for Clean Energy in Michigan

UCS and our partners sponsored expert testimony to the Michigan Public Service Commission by Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy on how to better assess equity and the environment.

The Equation

PSE in the Media April 25, 2022

California Regulators Banned Fracking Wastewater for Irrigation, but Allow Wastewater From Oil Drilling. Scientists Say There’s Little Difference

“It doesn’t matter from a chemical perspective if you’re hydraulically fracturing something or you’re doing even the most pedestrian, old-school oil production techniques,” said Seth Shonkoff.

Inside Climate News

PSE in the Media March 30, 2022

Aligning climate and affordability goals can save states billions

One in three U.S. households — about 40 million in all — are faced with the persistent, difficult and fundamental challenge of paying their energy bills and paying for other essentials like food, medicine and rent.

Utility Dive

PSE in the Media March 28, 2022

Are Electric Vehicles and Batteries Bad for the Environment?

We broke the viral Facebook post down claim by claim.


PSE in the Media February 27, 2022

Why Did California Regulators Choose a Firm with Ties to Chevron to Study Irrigating Crops with Oil Wastewater?

Chevron is the largest provider of the wastewater. GSI Environmental identified no health risks associated with the controversial practice.

Inside Climate News

PSE in the Media February 26, 2022

Your Gas Stove Is Bad for You (and Terrible for the Environment)

“It’s probably the part of natural gas emissions we understand the least about, and it can have a big impact on both climate and indoor air quality,” Eric Lebel, lead author of the new study, says in a Stanford press release. Lebel is a senior scientist at PSE Energy.

Biz News Post

PSE in the Media February 18, 2022

Gas Stoves Emit Pollutants. Here’s How They Impact Your Health.

People are moving away from gas stoves because of the impact on the environment, but they also aren’t risk-free when it comes to your health. Here’s what experts recommend.