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PSE in the Media April 16, 2023

Awash in Toxic Wastewater From Fracking for Natural Gas, Pennsylvania Faces a Disposal Reckoning

A grand jury and the EPA have cited potential disposal problems, and activists are fighting new injection wells. Yet the gas industry claims fracking is essential for the state’s economic health and that most of its wastewater is safely recycled.

InsideClimate News

PSE in the Media April 7, 2023

Black, Latinx Californians Face Highest Exposure to Oil and Gas Wells

The current study, which found that Black Californians are more likely to be exposed to more intensive oil productions, might help explain why some studies have found that the health risks associated with living near wells are higher for racially and socioeconomically marginalized people.

San Diego Voice & Viewpoint News

PSE in the Media April 4, 2023

Agencies defer to each other in search for answers to Rutledge area gas wells

Natural gas is primarily methane gas, which is considered non-toxic, but Shonkoff said it's almost always accompanied with toxic chemicals. "It's highly likely that gas coming out of abandoned wells also have these constituents in it because that gas is also coming from oil and gas reservoirs,"


PSE in the Media April 3, 2023

Should You Replace Your Gas Stove With an Electric One? Here’s What Chefs and Scientists Say

The debate over gas vs. electric stoves is hotter than ever. But now that professional chefs and scientists are weighing in, there’s a clear frontrunner.

The State

PSE in the Media March 26, 2023

Black, Latinx Californians Face Highest Exposure to Oil and Gas Wells

“The weight of scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that people living near oil and gas development have a greater risk of respiratory problems and adverse birth outcomes,” said Seth B.C. Shonkoff, executive director of PSE Healthy Energy

The Ritz Herald

PSE in the Media March 24, 2023

Black and Latino Californians Most Exposed to Oil and Gas Wells

More than one million Californians live near active oil or gas wells, potentially exposing them to drilling-related pollution that can contribute to asthma, premature births and a variety of other health problems.


PSE in the Media March 24, 2023

Bay Area Sets NOx Emissions Standards For Gas Water Heaters & Furnaces, Effectively Ending Sales Starting In 2027

Big news for clean air last week. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) adopted amendments requiring the elimination of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from new water heaters by 2027 and new furnaces by 2029.


PSE in the Media March 23, 2023

Los californianos negros y latinos son los más expuestos a los pozos de petróleo y gas

Más de un millón de californianos viven cerca de pozos activos de petróleo o gas, lo cual los puede exponer a contaminantes relacionados con asma, los partos prematuros y otros problemas de salud.

Berkeley News

PSE in the Media March 21, 2023

The Gas Stove Wars are Far From Over

PSE researcher Eric Lebel said they were interested in how much emissions came from the stove, so they had to be sure it wasn’t escaping the room or outside. They conducted the research in an enclosed space by tenting the kitchen (these were kitchens in real homes).


PSE in the Media March 19, 2023

First NV gas plant in 15 years gets expedited approval, customers likely to get the bill

Peaker plants are also disproportionately located near or in low-income communities and communities of color, exposing families to air and water pollution, according to a recent analysis by Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy, a non-profit research institute.

Nevada Current

PSE in the Media March 9, 2023

Gas Stoves Pose Health Risks. Are Gas Furnaces and Other Appliances Safe to Use?

Gas stoves have become an unlikely front line in the culture wars thanks to growing awareness of their contribution to health problems like childhood asthma, not to mention their links to climate change.

Yale Climate Connections

PSE in the Media February 28, 2023

Best Portable Induction Cooktops 2023: Replace Your Gas Burners

Also, a PSE Healthy Energy Study(Opens in a new tab) found benzene in 99% of the samples it took from California homes, and later found that gas stoves can emit as much benzene as a cigarette, similar to secondhand smoke. even when the stove is off.

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