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Providing scientific perspective on energy-related issues is built into PSE’s mission. “PSE in the Media” features a selection of media coverage on our research and expert commentary. For media relations assistance, go to the Press Room.

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PSE in the Media September 28, 2020

Committing to Equitable Climate Action in Colorado

A new report outlines pathways for the state to achieve the greenhouse gas emissions reductions required by HB-1261—as well as the health and equity implications of statewide climate actions.

National Resources Defense Council

PSE in the Media September 19, 2020

Op-Ed: Energy Crossroads

River Journal

PSE in the Media September 17, 2020

Law and Disorder


PSE in the Media September 17, 2020

Gas Companies Are Abandoning Their Wells, Leaving Them to Leak Methane Forever

Just one orphaned site in California could have emitted more than 30 tons of methane. There are millions more like it.

Bloomberg Green

PSE in the Media August 4, 2020

Tired of Wells That Threaten Residents’ Health, a Small California Town Takes on the Oil Industry

The mostly low-income, Latino residents of Arvin have joined with other communities to demand setbacks for wells. Their slogan: “No drilling where we are living.”

Inside Climate News