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PSE in the Media July 31, 2022

Oil industry skeptical of Newsom’s focus on leaky wells

The idea of establishing the setbacks at 3,200 was put forward by a 15-member public-health panel selected by the University of California, Berkeley together with Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Health Energy.

PSE in the Media July 13, 2022

Doing This While You Cook Can Slash Your Cancer Risk, New Study Shows

Curtis Nordgaard, MD, MSc, a co-author of the study and an environmental health scientist for the PSE Healthy Energy research institute in Oakland, California, noted that 95 percent of the samples contained benzene.

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PSE in the Media July 6, 2022

Your Gas Stove Might Be Leaking Toxins. Here’s How to Stay Safe

The study also found that about one in 20 stoves had a gas leak when not in use that was sizable enough to recommend follow-up with an expert.


PSE in the Media July 6, 2022

Multi-layered strategies needed to protect public health from oil and gas drilling impacts

A group of public health experts from several universities and organizations is urging adoption of a multi-layered approach when developing policies to mitigate the impact of gas and oil production operations.


PSE in the Media July 3, 2022

Do You Know What’s in Your Natural Gas? This Small Study Wanted The Answer

"It is well-established that natural gas is a major source of methane that's causing climate change," says visiting scientist Drew Michanowicz from Chan C-CHANGE and PSE Healthy Energy.

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PSE in the Media July 1, 2022

Gas Used in Homes Has Links to Cancer; Leaks Often Undetected

The natural gas being piped into your home contains a wide array of toxic chemicals, including nearly two dozen so harmful they're classified as hazardous air pollutants, a new study says.


PSE in the Media June 28, 2022

Scientists tested the natural gas used in kitchen stoves around Boston. They found dangerous chemicals.

The natural gas used in homes in the Greater Boston area contains varying levels of toxic chemicals, including benzene and toluene, according to a new study, upending the long-held idea that natural gas is a “clean” fossil fuel.

Boston Globe

PSE in the Media June 28, 2022

Study: Natural gas used in homes may contain harmful air pollutants

Considering gas beyond its methane contents, therefore, requires “a paradigm shift” that is critical to understanding the potential health impacts of household exposure, according to Michanowicz, who is also a senior scientist at the PSE Healthy Energy research institute.

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PSE in the Media June 28, 2022

Hazardous air pollutants found in home-use natural gas

For the study, researchers took 234 gas samples from 69 kitchen stoves and building pipelines over a year and a half.

E&E News

PSE in the Media June 28, 2022

Natural Gas Inside Homes Contains Toxic Compounds, Study Finds

In the samples, the team found 296 chemical compounds, and 21 of these compounds are federally considered to be hazardous air pollutants, including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and hexane.


PSE in the Media June 28, 2022

Gas stoves leak hazardous pollutants – Harvard study

A new study has identified toxic pollutants in unburned gas leaking from stoves, raising questions about health impacts.

Gas Outlook

PSE in the Media June 28, 2022

Latest Studies From Harvard, Et Al Show Health Hazards Of Gas Cooking

The dream home kitchen has a spacious pantry and well-made, handsome cabinets, stone countertops, a deep chef’s sink and pro-style appliances. One of the most popular for decades –inspired by glossy ads, social media and cooking shows – has been the high performance gas cooktop or range.