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PSE in the Media September 12, 2018

Big Oil’s Black Mark On California’s Climate Record

Almost everything in Orcutt, California, feels like a testament to its origins as a 20th century oil boomtown—not least its name. William Warren Orcutt, a pioneer of petroleum geology and the man who helped Union Oil strike it big in the Golden State, founded the town in 1904.

Pacific Standard

PSE in the Media August 24, 2017

That’s A Lot Of People!

An estimated 17.6 million people live within a mile of an active oil or gas well, according to a peer-reviewed study published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Politico Morning Energy

PSE in the Media August 23, 2017

17 Million Americans Live Close To Active Oil, Gas Wells: Study

Around 17.6 million Americans live within a mile of an active oil or gas well, according to a study published Wednesday. This implies that these many people have a higher risk of being hospitalized for various medical issues such as heart and neurological problems, cancers and increased asthma incid

International Business Times