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PSE in the Media June 2, 2021

Could batteries replace a proposed peaker plant in Massachusetts?

As a municipal power supplier pauses plans to build a natural gas peaker plant, advocates are urging its backers to consider battery storage instead, but questions remain about whether it’s practical for the site.

Energy News Network

PSE in the Media May 11, 2021

Proposed Natural Gas Plant In Peabody On Hold, For Now

The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC) paused plans to build a natural gas power plant in Peabody to address concerns raised by local residents and advocacy groups.


PSE in the Media May 3, 2021

Law meant to push drilling further from houses had little impact, study finds

Despite a 2012 Pennsylvania law creating a 500-foot setback from houses and other structures for new oil and gas wells, companies have drilled hundreds of wells within that 500-foot distance, a new study found.

StateImpact Pennsylvania

PSE in the Media May 3, 2021

Loopholes undermine fracking setback rules — study

A Pennsylvania law designed to protect the public against harmful effects of hydraulic fracturing is not working as intended and is riddled with loopholes, according to new research.

E&E News

PSE in the Media April 29, 2021

Harvard study says tighter oil, gas rules that allow exemptions make little difference

Study reviews Pennsylvania law; officials say new Colorado rules differ from the Keystone State’s law.

Denver Post

PSE in the Media April 19, 2021

The Promising Future Of Battery Storage On The U.S. Grid

Battery storage is becoming a more viable tool for meeting peaks in energy demand — and it could do it in a greener, healthier way than fossil plants.


PSE in the Media April 14, 2021

Fossil Fuel Phase Out Must Begin Where the Industry Has Hurt People the Most

Without warning, on the most bitter winter days, or the hottest of summer, smoke stacks that sit idle much of the year switch online, spewing trails of climate-altering, coronavirus-exacerbating pollutants across the sky, like carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5)...


PSE in the Media April 7, 2021

The next Aliso Canyon could happen on L.A.’s Westside

A 2019 study from Harvard University singled out Playa del Rey as especially risky. The researchers examined gas storage fields across six states, from California to New York, to better understand the potential health consequences of leaks. Of the more than 9,000 wells they studied...

Los Angeles Times

PSE in the Media February 23, 2021

Taking the Gloves Off in California Battle Over Oil

California’s oil industry has an 800-pound gorilla reputation of getting pretty much what it wants in Sacramento. Armed with millions of dollars to pay lobbyists and a well-oiled astroturf machine to create the illusion of public support, it has successfully leaned on the state’s legislators...

National Resources Defense Council: Expert Blog

PSE in the Media February 13, 2021

Episode 70: Energy Production: An Overview of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly On Our Health

Dr. Shonkoff speaks about optimizing not only the production but also the storage and distribution of the energy sector, trends in home energy use, and the connection between COVID-19 and energy use.

Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio

PSE in the Media January 12, 2021

The Wreckage of the Last Energy Epoch: Abandoned Wells and Workers

Any summer blockbuster worth its salt features a global disaster montage: a fleet of spaceships hover over world landmarks, asteroids careen into skyscrapers and pyramids, zombies lumber around small towns and mega cities alike.

Current Affairs

PSE in the Media December 24, 2020

Scientist Dominic DiGiulio’s Work Illuminated How Fracking Affects People and Environment

People in communities across the nation have found themselves the participants in a fracking experiment. In the small town of Pavillion, Wyoming, such a scenario has played out with a decade-long controversy.

KSUT Public Radio