Energy and Environment Program

About the Program

Our Energy and Environment program conducts research on the way energy extraction and production impact the health and quality of the natural environment.

Recent Work

Stay tuned for more information on our specific research projects in the Energy and Environment program. We will be adding information as we build out our brand new website. Below are selected highlights from our latest work.

Related Work

News from PSE May 7, 2018

PSE Energy Quarterly | Spring 2018

Ann Brody Guy

Peer-Reviewed Publications March 5, 2018

The Need to Protect Fresh and Brackish Groundwater Resources During Unconventional Oil and Gas Development

Dominic DiGiulio, PhD, Seth B.C. Shonkoff, PhD, MPH, Robert Jackson, PhD

PSE in the Media February 20, 2017

Fossil fuels foe calls proposed pipelines ‘climate disasters’

Citing PSE study data, an organization that describes its mission as exposing the true costs of fossil fuels contends that two proposed pipelines “would together contribute as much greenhouse gas pollution as 45 coal-fired power plants.”

The Roanoke Times