Sensor Location Suggestion Form

Richmond Air Monitoring Network

PSE Healthy Energy, in partnership with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, will deploy 50 air monitors throughout Richmond, North Richmond, and San Pablo to measure hyper-local air pollution.

We are asking local communities for input on where the air monitors should be installed.

Please drop a pin on the map below and fill out the form to help us identify areas of poor air quality and known local sources of air pollution. Also, help us identify vulnerable populations such as schools, daycare centers, and senior centers. Here’s more information on identifying potential hot spots.


Drag and drop the marker, or click a point on the map below, then complete and submit the form for each pin your drop. If there is more than one location where you would like to see a sensor placed, just repeat the process after submitting.

Thank you! If you would like to host a monitor, you would be helping both this project and the Richmond community while also getting real-time information about air quality right outside your door.