Clean Energy Program

About the Program

The U.S. energy system today is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and health-damaging air pollutants, and has other widespread environmental impacts, many of which disproportionately burden vulnerable communities. Reducing these impacts will require a significant shift towards renewable energy resources such as wind and solar to power the electricity sector, electrification of direct fuel end-uses such as transportation and home heating and cooling, and a rapid increase in the energy efficiency across all sectors.

The Clean Energy Program’s work focuses on both the development of pathways to a high renewable energy future as well as analysis of the health, environment and equity impacts of our current energy system and of the transition. Together, these efforts allow us to develop approaches to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector while simultaneously achieving health, environment equity and resilience co-benefits.


Stay tuned for more information on our specific research projects in the Clean Energy program. We will be adding information as we build out our brand new website. Below are selected highlights from our latest work.

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