September 15, 2023
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PSE Quarterly Newsletter | Fall 2023


New Interactive Tool to Support Resilience Hubs

In June, PSE Healthy Energy released the Candidate Resilience Hub Mapping Tool. The tool allows users to explore 18,200+ potential resilience hub locations across California, as well as in-depth data on local populations and climate risks. Following the tool’s release, PSE scientists co-led virtual workshops Communities for a Better Environment and joined conferences and community discussions on energy resilience.

News Briefs

Otter Tail Integrated Resource Plan

A new report from PSE analyzes the climate , public health, equity, and energy affordability implications of Otter Tail Power Company’s Integrated Resource Plan. As part of this analysis, scientists examined the distribution of the planʼs potential impacts on vulnerable populations across the utility’s customers in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Department of Energy Funds Research for A Community-Centered Direct Air Capture Hub

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced a new research project exploring the feasibility of a community-led direct air capture hub in California’s Southern San Joaquin Valley. As part of the Department of Energy-funded research, PSE scientists will contribute to an environmental impact assessment, examining environmental, health, and safety aspects of the proposed direct air capture hub.


Image of an oil pipeline

Examining Natural Gas Odorants and Health Effect

Few studies have assessed the toxicity and health risks associated with the sulfur-based odorants that are used to give natural gas its distinctive “rotten egg” smell. A PSE literature review examines existing research on natural gas odorants and health effects.


Image of a person lighting a gas stove.

Impacts of Benzene Indoors from Gas Stove Combustion

Researchers from Stanford University and PSE published the first ever peer-reviewed study to examine how combustion of natural gas and propane in stoves and ovens impacts indoor concentrations of benzene. During the study, researchers found that for some homes a single gas burner on high or an oven set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 mins raised benzene levels above the upper range of indoor concentrations seen in secondhand tobacco smoke.

Potential Opportunities and Risks of Orphaned Wells 

A new study from researchers at McGill University and PSE estimates that 4.6 million people live within 1 km of a documented orphaned well—a distance deemed higher risk by scientific experts. This new study also provides tools to help identify where orphaned oil and gas wells pose the greatest climate and environmental risks.


From the Blog

Image of a neighborhood with rooftop solar

Electricity bills in the U.S. jumped five percent on average last year—the largest annual increase on record which can be particularly hard on low-income households. In a new blog PSE discusses how the U.S. has the opportunity to ensure investments in bill assistance and energy-saving programs and clean energy technology can reach those who need them most.

Penguins sitting on an ice cliff in Antarctica

For board member Dr. Madelon Finkel, a visit to Antarctica served as a reminder of the fragility of our planet and the importance of embracing climate solutions as an optimist. Read her blog about the experience here.

Welcome to the Team

Learn more about our new staff here.

Careers at PSE Healthy Energy

PSE Healthy Energy is hiring air quality experts, scientists, and an operations associate. Join our team of public health professionals, scientists, and engineers working to inform science-based energy policy. Learn more: 

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