Welcome to PSE Healthy Energy’s new blog! It’s one of the exciting new features on our brand new website.

This year, we have updated our organization’s look with a new visual identity carried through our logo, website, and printed materials. While our official name is still Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy, our new logo adopts the shorter “PSE,” a nickname bestowed by those who know and work with us. And our tagline, “bringing science to energy policy,” reflects our longstanding mission: conducting original research and analyses to inform policy that ensures our society’s energy choices are safe for the environment and protect public health.

With this entry, we are proud to launch the PSE blog. The blog is a place for PSE staff scientists and board members to share their opinions and observations on energy topics, public health issues, policy decisions, environmental justice, and other topics relevant to our work. The PSE blog should be bookmarked by anyone interested in a timely, informed scientific point of view on our quickly changing world, from new technology to changing government rules to public health research. You can share individual blog posts via email or social media.

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The navigation on our website categorizes Our Work in ways we hope make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. For example, to find public-facing publications like science summaries, infographics, and presentations — created to inform the broader public sector on energy-related topics without the jargon — visit the Public Resources tab under Publications. Researchers, academicians, and the scientific community can find our technical reports and peer-reviewed publications under the Original Research tab. Our comprehensive database on oil and gas research is alive and growing, and now has an official name: Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research, or as we like to call him, ROGER. You can find ROGER under Our Work.

If you have any questions relating to our work or the area of energy and public health, ask us directly! Fill out our form, submit your question or comment, and we will respond within one week. Additionally, when a staff member’s profile has an email icon, that means you can contact them directly. Members of the media can find contact information in our Press Room, which also houses our press release archive.

Our mission has always been to generate, translate, and disseminate scientific research on energy production, public health, and the natural environment. With our new website, blog, and online tools we look forward to producing and sharing more work than ever. Welcome!

P.S. Like all websites, we expect our new site will turn up bugs, broken links, and problems we haven’t thought of. If you find a problem, please describe it and send the relevant link to info@psehealthyenergy.org, along with a screen shot of any error message or odd display. Thanks for helping us tidy up the new site!