Plenary Panel Explores How Science Can Inform More Equitable Climate Policy

PSE’s Director of Research Dr. Elena Krieger and University of Arizona Associate Professor Dr. Karletta Chief joined the plenary panel at The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training moderated by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

The discussion focused on strategies for integrating science into public policy. The two scientists shared how communities can effectively engage with scientists and researchers to inform more equitable policy solutions to climate change. Dr. Krieger provided her perspective on the role that science can play in shaping public policy, as well as frameworks for integrating research into policies designed to drive clean energy adoption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Dr. Chief shared examples of Indigenous-led climate solutions, her perspective on Indigenous resilience, and important measures to support community inclusion and empowerment in the policy-making process.

The panel was part of The Climate Reality Project’s annual advocate training. The organization, founded by Al Gore, is dedicated to catalyzing global solutions to climate change. Approximately 500 attendees from across the United States joined the training in Las Vegas.