Richmond Air Monitoring Network

A Community Air Grant Project

PSE Healthy Energy, in partnership with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), has deployed a dense network of air quality monitors to take real-time measurements of air pollution in Richmond, North Richmond, and San Pablo. The goals of this field project are to:

  • Gather and report robust, hyper-local air quality data.
  • Work with residents and community groups to identify priority areas with high air pollution and vulnerable populations.
  • Support the efforts of regional and state air regulators and community groups to develop actionable policies and recommendations to reduce the community’s exposure to air pollutants.
  • Raise local public awareness of the relationship between air quality and human health.

PSE is conducting a two-year air-monitoring study to analyze the spatial patterns of local air pollution over time, assess the distribution of air pollution sources throughout the area, and track emission changes from varying transportation patterns, refinery operations, and other industrial activities.

Why Richmond?

Richmond is one of the ten target communities selected by the California Air Resources Board for a Community Air Grant, a focused action to improve air quality in the areas with highest cumulative air pollution exposure burdens. The grants are funded through the Community Air Protection Program, which was created with the passage of Assembly Bill 617. The Richmond-San Pablo area is a target community because it faces disproportionate impacts from multiple sources of air pollution, including oil and gas facilities, high traffic volumes, large and small industrial facilities, and port and freight activities. The city of San Francisco, located upwind from Richmond, is also a source of ozone precursor emissions. Despite these risk factors, there are few State air monitoring stations deployed in the area, and thus air quality data is limited. This information gap hinders local and State regulators from addressing air pollution effectively. The goal of the Richmond Air Monitoring Network is to address this gap. The interactive map below visualizes reported emissions from permitted facilities in Richmond. For more information, visit the map page.

HELP US IDENTIFY Sensor Locations

PSE will deploy 50 air monitors throughout the Richmond-North Richmond-San Pablo corridor. We are asking local communities for input on where the air monitors should be installed. To share your information, just complete the Sensor Location Suggestion Form. Tell us about pollution hot spots – for example, where trucks idle or industrial sites emit smoke or dust. You can also help us identify places with vulnerable populations, such as daycare and senior centers. Here’s more information on identifying pollution hot spots.

Technical Advisory Committee

John Balmes, MD

Katharine Hammond, PhD

Thomas Kirchstetter, PhD

Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD

Ajay Pillarisetti, PhD

Contact Us

If you have information on specific locations with air quality issues in the Richmond-San Pablo area, please visit the Sensor Location Suggestion Form or contact us via phone or email: Boris Lukanov, PhD, Project Lead, (510) 330-5557 Lee Ann Hill, MPH, (510) 330-5552 Megan Zapanta (APEN)