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Shale and Tight Gas Literature Citation Database

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New Study: Majority of Peer-Reviewed Science Shows Public Health, Water & Air Quality Concerns from Shale & Tight Gas Development

April 20, 2016 -- PSE Healthy Energy released a new analysis, published in the PLOS ONE journal, that shows the direction of scientific understanding of the public health and environmental impacts of modern unconventional natural gas development.

The study analyses all peer-reviewed scientific literature on shale and tight gas development, and reveals that the great majority of science contains findings that indicate concerns for public health, air quality and water quality. This includes:

  • Public health: Of 31 studies, 84% contained findings that indicate public health hazards, elevated risks, or adverse public health outcomes.
  • Water quality: Of 58 studies, 69% had findings that indicate potential, positive association, or actual incidence of water contamination associated with UNGD.
  • Air quality: Of 46 studies, 87% had findings indicating that UNGD increased air pollutant emissions (such as volatile organic compounds (VOC)) and/or atmospheric concentrations (such as ground level ozone).

More can be found by clicking this link to access the study.

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