Independent Scientific Study on environmental and public health impacts of hydraulic fracturing and acidizing in California now publicly available.

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18 August 2015 EPA proposed rule for reducing methane pollution  released today. read more


09 July 2015 Well Stimulation in California.  Volumes II and III of the CCST/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab assessement of well stimulation technologies, which PSE has contributed heavily on, will be released today at 1PM (EST). read more


State of the Science


June 2015

Regional air quality impacts of hydraulic fracturing and shale natural gas activity: Evidence from ambient VOC observations
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Science Summaries

2-page summation of the most recent data on climate impacts, water impacts, renewable energy, and more . . .

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Shale and Tight Gas Literature Citation Database

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The Human and Environmental Impact of Fracking: How Fracturing Shale for Gas Affects Us and Our World

edited by M. Finkel

Frac[k]ing: A Guide to Terminology



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