PSE Energy Quarterly is the newsletter of Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy, a nonprofit research institute dedicated to supplying evidence-based scientific and technical information on the public health, environmental, and climate dimensions of energy production and use.

News Briefs

PSE in the Media

  • Equitable Zoning for Oil Production California’s Governor Newsom plans to strengthen statewide regulations for public health and safety near oil and gas production facilities, possibly establishing buffer zones between these facilities and sensitive sites such as homes and schools. A recent news story on buffer zones featured a PSE report that concluded the development of  oil and gas close poses greater hazards and risks to public health for nearby communities than it does to those that live further away. Read the news story.
  • Look Before We Leap: Regulating Produced Water Reuse PSE Executive Director Dr. Seth Shonkoff and other scientists call for more research to be done before federal or state agencies ease regulations and expand wastewater from oil and gas development  to be discharged to rivers in the Southwest and reused agricultural irrigation and drinking water. Read the news story.
  • Revising New Solar Regulations California passed a groundbreaking law requiring the installation of solar panels on newly-built homes. However, regulators are now allowing developers to power these home projects using newly-installed offsite solar farms instead. See what PSE Senior Scientist Dr. Boris Lukanov and other scientists have to say about this decision. Read the news story.